Ideal comfort zone

Many people are living in this situation right now. You are satisfied with your life. You have your own place for living, family, good health, nothing important is missing. You have even enough money to live a comfortable life. You can have once per year more expensive vacation. Every morning you are going to the work, evening back to home. But you are not happy.

I was born in Kosice, east of Slovakia. When I finished my university, I moved west, to Bratislava. A few years later to the Czech Republic to Brno and then USA and France and traveling back and forth for more than 10 years. Every time when I was thinking about some change in my life, then somehow without any big effort from my site, I have received offers which are “must accept”. Sometimes I was thinking a little bit, why I have so much blessing, but I was not complaining.

I built my family with two kids and everything looked perfect. But it was only just outside perspective in 2012. I started to think, what next? I was not happy anymore, even if I had everything that seemed to be important.

Just one different move

One day I decided just not follow my daily routine, I decided to spend several hours doing nothing. Nothing turned out, that I ended up in the bookstore. I bought one book which took my attention. I have not bought a new book for many years at this point of time. One section of this book was describing Sedona town in Arizona, as a spiritual center in the USA. This was like lightning hit for me. I was living in that time for several years in Phoenix which is about 90 minutes driving away. I was even several times in Sedona, just taking pictures of beautiful nature. But I had no awareness of any spiritual background of this town. But as a child, I was reading a lot of spiritual related books. I completely forgot about such my child passion.

I started to read again and started to live again. I tried past life regression experience, where I have seen how big difference is between reading something and really experiencing it. This gave me, even more, power and passion for exploring and experimenting with new ideas. Especially ideas which are considered as fantasy or just not real stories from our ancestors. I start to study shamanism and more of such not “normal” experiences soon came in.

Every child is genius

In parallel, probably also because I was more consciously observing what is happening around me, I was watching my kids. First slap in the face was seeing how they handled situation about searching school for them in the USA. They had zero English language knowledge.

The first day of school was with intention that my kids are going to teach all other kids to speak Slovak. They never had any problem with school. After about 2 months, the school director was asking me to sign a paper with my permission to take the kids to a field trip. My 4 years old was listening to all the time. In the car, during the way home, he was asking about many details about this field trip. It was clear to me, that he understood everything in my conversation with the school director. Another 4 months later his English was better than mine after 15 years of English study.

This event was very strong impulse for my hunger to understand why is that? Why are kids losing their abilities? 2013 was book reading year for me. I read at least 35 books in that year. This year was for me to just work, in my free time I’ll be reading books and experimenting with meditation and many different spiritual exercises, but at the end, not with any big results.

In that time, I had already got an offer from my company opened for several years to do my private pilot license, partially reimbursed by the company. But it was always like, yes, but a few months later when there will be less work on the project. It was like this for 3 years.

I understood, that if I would like to have my pilot license I must make this a priority. I made a decision and my life started changing again. I have got an offer to move to France and I pass my final pilot exam just 3 days before my departure from the USA.

During farewell with my co-workers in the USA, 2 people were in person giving me a lot of gratitude for all what I helped them. One person was happy especially because I inspired him to do martial arts and he made all up to black belt, what his dream was a long time ago.

Feeling of receiving this gratitude was special. Helping those two people was never intentional, never with the aim to have some personal gain. I was doing it because it was somehow natural. And this feeling in that farewell moment was very strong. I realized that I had only very few such great emotional moments during last about 10 years during my regular employee career.

I moved with my family to France, kids, of course, were showing completely different league about learning the French language. I was already fully in, for looking answers why. I just could not accept, that this is just normal.

Beginning of my Leadership and Coaching carrier

Answers started coming in the fall of 2014. It was the first time when I was thinking about sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people. During searching for ideas how to create a blog on the Internet I found information about The Secret movie. The Same evening, I found, that my wife had already this movie in her computer from my brother for several months.

I decided to take a look to some of the teachers in this movie. My first choice was Bob Proctor. After the realization that he has a 1-year coaching program, I immediately sent my registration request.

But after realizing price, I was immediately out. I just had not such money available. But finally, after about 2 months thinking about this, I touch all my savings on not easily accessible places and I enrolled in his coaching program. This was one of the best decision what I did in my life so far.

I immediately understood what difference is between self-study and study with the coach behind me. This gave the order to my study and a lot of insights from a more experienced person. My perspective on my life, to everything happening around me, turned upside down. I understood why I was so often lucky, and have so often “not to miss” offers just in right time. I was looking to everything around me from different perspective, with first time with knowledge how creative process in our life works.

Everything started to connect together. I understood that we are really creating our life in our head first. We really can change everything in our life and we are always doing it, even if we are not aware of it. I understood, that there is no luck and chance. I understood what is happening with kids when they get older.

With help of Bob Proctor and later also with Mary Morrissey, Steve Siebold, Blaine Bartlett and few other people, I am learning how to get my kids abilities back. And I took commitment to never allow, that my kids will lose their abilities, because of my ignorance.

I understood what was happening with my aerospace engineer career, during last 10 years. I started this career with a passion because I was dreaming of building space ships, working with them and exploring new worlds. Airplanes were a perfect fit for this dream. It was not important at all, that I had no knowledge and no idea how I will do it. Only what I had at the beginning was a true passion.

Years later I had knowledge and experience about airplanes but was forgetting about passion. And finally, this work was more stress than pleasure. Because I was doing same things again and again and completely lost idea about my passion. I was not growing anymore and was not seeing a higher purpose in my work. Finally I become conscious leader of my own life.

I believe

But thanks to this new passion in personal development study, leadership and coaching I also re-discovered why I joined the aerospace business.

I believe, that everybody in this world can live really unrestricted life, which means, do what he wants, when he wants for as long as he wants. And I am doing this by helping people through teaching, speaking, leading and coaching.  I am doing this also by helping people to have a comfortable, safe, fast and easily accessible way of traveling anywhere in the world because right experiences can wake up unlimited inner power inside of any person to find, and to do what he really loves to do.

Such person will have his own strong motivation from inside his heart, no problem will be too big for him, productivity and creativity will be natural and he will be happy and satisfied.

Aerospace was, in the beginning, one way how to put in motion my belief. But I decided to put it to even much bigger level and get the best possible education from real masters in the personal development and leadership area and learn how to spread this knowledge and help as many people as I can, to live a life that they will be truly proud living. Life, which will be the inspiration for their kids, for next generation.

This is why I joined Proctor Gallagher consultant leadership certification program, why I also got my Dream Builder coach certification from Mary Morrissey and Life Mastery Institute. This is why I joined Bill Gove Speech workshop program and learning from Steve Siebold professional speaking skills on the top world-class professional level. This is why I am learning everything about leadership and online marketing. And I will never stop learning because life is just too short to be able to learn and master everything. But I am decided to do my best and never stop. Why?

Because our current education system is outdated. This world needs more people like me, who can help people like I am. To show them what true purpose in life is. How to lead their kids in order that those young people will be able to achieve everything that they want, by using their intellect. This is something where our current education system is failing. Parents are looking for help with their children, but they do not understand that first things what must be fixed, are parents. Problem is, that our education system never taught us something about us.

My kids never told me, when I am dreaming … Daddy are you drunken? Adults? Yes, many times.

I am visionary, but I have no fear to try new ideas, even new ideas where others failed. I know that failure is just a decision to quit. With the proper passion, knowledge and never-ending actions, I can do anything and so can anybody.

A long time ago on one of the online games that I was playing, my friend told me. I am not upset because he is first and I am second. I am upset because Milos has double points as I have.

The only difference was, that I spent many hours’ study mathematical principles of this game and testing them and using them in the game. I know today that our world and our mind is just like this, an extremely powerful computer running “life game”, which allows us, to do everything that we want if we are willing to pay price and do everything that has to be done.

I believe, that I’ll be able to help you, to live a life that you really want to live. To help your children to live a better life than what you were living.

To your success,

Miloš Kováč